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Our Stories

Eric from Georgia

One Life has given me the opportunity to work for myself, earn a very good living, and have the opportunity to one day go to my kids’ events. This was something that my family always did for me, and that meant a lot. After eight years with One Life, I have been able to provide a good home and lifestyle for my wife and three children. Most of this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the guidance of the One Life family. This is truly a career that most motivated people can do with great success, if they will only put in the time and believe in the program 100%.

Jeff from Mississippi

I tried numerous career fields and worked tirelessly for employers, but no matter how much time and effort I committed to each company’s success, I made the same meager income. Shortly after starting a family and attempting to make ends meet I stepped out on faith and searched for something more ambitious, more fun, and more rewarding emotionally and financially. My father had long encouraged me to join him in a sales career at One Life America. I honestly feared I didn’t have his talent, his charisma or his tireless work ethic but I was willing to give all I had to provide a brighter future for my family. In a few short months my fears of lifelong career mediocrity have silenced, my self-doubt has subsided, and my wildest ambitions have been realized. There is no other place I would rather work than with One Life America.

P.S. The last several times I’ve checked my account balance I’ve had to do a double-take and laugh. It seems unreal! I love this job!

Greg from Florida

The first day I began my work with One Life, I had a hand full of leads and quickly realized that was like having a hand full of money! I have always been successful, although not always consistent, in sales. Since working with this organization, I have made more money consistently because of the lead system One Life has in place. One Life has a huge vision to be the largest and best Senior Final Expense Agency in the United States. With its ever growing lead system in an ever growing market, the best will soon be the largest. I’m proud to be partnered in business with One Life.