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Connectivity Is Essential To Success In What’s Important

Why is it vitally important to be connected or “plugged in” to your faith, family and business? Simply put, so you don’t miss anything. I am not fond of missing a church service or my personal time in my faith. I feel as if I have cheated myself and God and cannot get it off of my mind until I devote that time I have missed back to Him. My wife, children and immediate family are a very important part of my life, and they suffer when I am disconnected. From time to time that happens, and a reminder coming from the mouth of a 7-year old is humbling. With my work, I want to stay in the loop as passing on important information, recruiting and assisting agents are key parts of my job.

There are so many reasons to “keep in touch” with important things in your life. In Colossians 2:1, Paul writes to people who he planned to teach and serve, which he had never met. He is speaking of judgmental individuals when he writes, “They have lost connection with the head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grow as God causes it to grow”. We do not need to let unimportant things stand in the way of our spiritual growth. You will miss out on something good.

Some of the best time I spend every day is with my family. My wife and children make me feel important and needed. It is mid-summer, but we are already preparing our hunting land for this fall. Why is that important to me? Because the best talks that my oldest son and I have ever had came early in the morning sitting in the stillness of the woods – calm and open – which lends way to deep discussions about life. I am anxious for the day that my youngest son can join me hunting and we can experience these deep discussions together, as well. My wife, not a “woodsy” type person. We have our heart-to-heart conversations over a nice quiet dinner or after the kids are tucked into bed. Make time for your family. If you don’t, you will miss out on something good.

In our business, staying connected is important because our manager and agent distribution stretches from coast-to-coast. If you haven’t noticed, we aspire for a family culture with our organization. So many companies in the insurance industry issue writing numbers and look for applications to come across their desk. Don’t get me wrong, production pays the bills. However, building a relationship with each and every individual that represents One Life is equally important. How do I stay connected when I live and work remotely? Stay in touch with your manager and/or down line agents by phone. Emails are great too, but a personal call goes a long way. Visit an office if one is relatively close, as often as possible. Stay plugged in to One Life by joining our social media efforts on Facebook, Twitter and our video packed YouTube channel. If you don’t, you might miss out on something good.

I am not a blog writer. This is actually my first, and maybe my last. I am pretty busy making sure that I am plugged in to my faith, family and my work. In that order. I’m not going to miss anything good.

David Hosch
Director of Marketing
One Life America