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Meet Jim Mall – OLA Regional Director

For Jim Mall, One Life was the answer to prayer. Literally.

Jim had his own marketing organization for final -expense insurance sales, Senior Insurance Solutions in Hays, Kansas. But the business had stagnated. “I was able to recruit a lot of agents, but they couldn’t get off the ground because of the cost of leads,” he said. He prayed for a solution to his problem.

His prayer was answered. “Four different organizations contacted me, and One Life was one”.

One Life’s system of free leads was a powerful inducement. To make sure the fit was right, he took his 10 senior managers through the One Life Academy. Afterward, he and the managers voted on whether to join with One Life. “The vote was unanimous.”

One Life employees may get to know Jim through one of his many passions: training. And they may be surprised at what they hear. He emphasizes lifestyle more than income. “I set a goal in 1992 to work 100 day a year or less and still maintain my $200,000 production goals,” he said. And despite having to juggle managing, training, and selling, he succeeded.

The secret, he said, is that his rea objective doesn’t have to do with dollar signs: “My goal in life is to be my wife’s hero.” Jim gives the credit for his success to his wife, who was his high school sweetheart. “She really helped me to realize that my priority was family and not my job” he said. “She encouraged me to figure out how to work hard but then to come home and be a dad”.

And so, he enthuses that, “My latest passion is CrossFit!” And then he adds, “I also enjoy waterskiing and quail hunting, but mostly spending time with my family. Everything my wife and I do revolves around our two children.”

Jim grew up on the other side of One Life’s business, so to speak. His father was a funeral director. He found his family background useful when he got into final-expense insurance in 1988. “It’s nice to have that knowledge when you are in the process of selling the insurance,” he said. “I encourage all agents to meet with a funeral director. The more knowledge we have, the better we can do our job.”

He still goes out selling at least one day a week. “I don’t require anybody to produce a certain amount of business,” he said, “but I do require my managers to be in the field once a week. That way, their agents can’t say, “You don’t understand.’”

He’d like everybody to be home, and not on a sales trip, as many nights as possible. It is part of his emphasis on a healthy, balanced lifestyle. As he put it, “We have a statement in our organization: The weekend starts now!”

Jim Mall
Reial Director
One Life America