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Stop and Smell the Roses

Well here we are at another Valentine’s Day weekend. The time for romance, love and those little chocolates of many variety. Have you made your plans? Have you thought it through yet? Who is your Valentine? Don’t forget about the roses. No, I am not talking about the Roses with Diversified. Senior, I know what you are thinking. I mean that beautiful bouquet of petals.

Those beautiful petals that kings and Queens walk on. What’s in a rose, you may ask? The red rose means intense passion flowing from your heart. The white roses represents purity, innocence, humility and communicates a secret promise between the giver and the recipient. The yellow rose represents filial love, the love of friendship. They represent love between siblings and very close friends. The pink rose represents elegance, but also femininity. The orange rose represents and symbolizes attraction and desire. The purple rose communicates love at first sight.

The peach rose sends a message of sensitivity. I bet you didn’t know I was that in touch with the other side. Oh yes, when you have three ladies living in your house, you get in touch with that other side real fast, I must confess. In our business I get it. I know we are consumed with premiums, PPLs’, contracts and all the rest. But don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. You should do that from time to time. There is no better weekend to do just that. So no matter what your plans; the movies, dinner, or just enjoying being together. This is the time to enjoy a moment with that special someone in your life and take your time and smell the roses. Short but sweet!!  No pun intended!  Have a great Valentine weekend!!!

Derrick Moore
Director of Leadership Development
One Life America