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Leadership: The Art of Submission

As an aspiring leader I had many misconceptions of what leadership actually was. It was not until I began to lead people unsuccessfully that I learned some of the secrets of true leadership. One common misconception is thinking that people are going to bow down to you because you are the leader.  If you are a positional leader this would be true, but in our business no one is obligated to work with you. When you have the power to fire someone they will automatically do what you say, most of the time, but if you rub someone the wrong way in our business they will leave and go on to the next guy. John Maxwell describes a positional leader as level one leadership, or the lowest level of leadership, recognizing this level will not allow you to accomplish anything great.

To be great you need PEOPLE on your team.  You need people that believe in your vision, support your vision and will fight for your vision as their own.   I am convinced that in order to achieve greatness it all boils down to one big ‘ol nasty word that makes people cringe: SUBMISSION

First let’s talk about the definition of the word submission as described by Pastor Robert Morris, pastor of the 4th largest church in the US with over 28,000 weekly attendees.  He compares the word submission to the word submarine.  The root word marine means “of the water” and sub means “under”.  So submarine means something of the water that functions under the water.  Now let’s use that same process for the word submission.  Let’s say that for this example mission means “your life mission” or better described as “your purpose.”  Now when we add the prefix of sub in front of mission we see that our mission is accomplished “under” the leadership of something greater than ourselves. 

The first place that I began to submit was to God.  Almost 4 years ago I was an addict that lived everyday under the submission of drugs.  At that time my life’s mission was to get high every day. After 7 years of misery I decided that submitting to the drugs was not my purpose in life and I needed to submit to something that could beat this disease I was battling.  So, I stood up in my house that night and cried out to Jesus.  In His name I commanded Satan to let go of me.  I literally felt God peel Satan’s dirty claws out of my back that night.  He did this because I had submitted to His authority, which ultimately made all His power available to me.  The same power that raised the dead was now at my disposal.  Not because I was powerful, not because I have achieved something great and definitely not because I deserved it, but solely because I had submitted to GOD.  Once I realized this I got to work.  I began growing my relationship with God by studying His word and immersing myself in it daily.  I began reading books on leadership and I began to take care of my body through a healthy diet and exercise. 

Leadership begins with leading yourself.  I was empowered to lead myself only through the submission to God’s power and will.  

This same concept holds true in the world of business.  In order to succeed you need a mentor or leader to guide you to success.  When I say success I don’t mean getting the manager position at Wal-Mart when you started as a cashier.  While that is a good start we are capable of so much more.  We are capable of GREAT things that will impact and change the world!!  This kind of success is only born through the submission to a leader.  In my opinion, submission to God is the first step.  Once you learn to submit everything to Him, you will then understand how to accomplish your mission or purpose under the authority of someone else.  You will begin to realize that submission is far from losing your manhood and is actually on quite the opposite side of the spectrum.  When you submit to a leader you actually gain their power, experience, knowledge, tools and resources, and understanding this dynamic will be the turning point in your journey.  The key is submitting to the right leader that has your best interest at heart.  That is why God is the best choice as the first choice. Hebrews 13:5 says, “Your life should be free of the love of money. Be satisfied with what you have, for He Himself has said, I will never leave you or forsake you.”  The bottom line:  He will never let you down.  This submitted relationship with God will also give you newfound wisdom and perspective to find the human leader you should to follow.   

Lastly, once all the things above have been mastered you will begin the phase of submitting to the people that are following you.  If you are a leader in the insurance world, as I am, you have to understand that you work for your agents.  They pay your bills and when leading new people that are raw and have zero experience in submission, is challenging to say the least.  I have found the best way to teach submission is to submit to the person you are leading.  BE THE EXAMPLE!  Leaders lead from the front just like Jesus did when He washed the feet of His disciples.  Keep in mind that the disciples were NOT a group of studs. They were broken and unstable individuals that submitted to Jesus.  They are known for doing great things but it wasn’t because of who they were.  It was solely because of who they SUBMITTED too.  Their power was given to them by Jesus.  

So ladies and gentlemen I ask you:

-Are you struggling with submission in any area of your life? 
-Have you submitted your life to the care of a power where death has no sting?

-Are you pushing back against someone who is ready to unleash their power to you?

If the answer to any of those questions is Yes, then STOP and submit to something bigger than you right now.  You will experience the freedom that follows.  GET FREE!!  Love you guys

Brandon Lewis
President & CEO
Purpose Driven Insurance