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Dream BIG!

   I’m a dreamer. I guess I’m a product of my environment from growing up as the son of a celebrity.  (Important: Surround yourself with individuals who share your dreams and passions!!) My environment was a house filled with action figures, wrestling buddies, back stage locker room visits to Madison Square Garden and one real life super hero that I called “Dad”.  It’s no wonder that I grew up wanting to do and be something “bigger than life”.  Those “somethings” changed and varied over time, but two remained the same… becoming a professional wrestler and being my own boss. Professional Wrestler… check! I was with the WWE for six yrs. While being with them, I filmed a movie (Marine 2), wrestled in WrestleMania, I have action figures, I’m on video games and have lots of other crazy awesome life experiences! Being my own boss… check!  But… I didn’t enjoy it, and I wasn’t as prepared for it as I thought I was. I still have much to learn and honestly, I really just enjoy working for my new boss who is a sho-nuff #BOSS!  Big shout out to Mr. Scotty Elliott, a servant leader specialist who personifies leadership. 

      Back to dreaming BIG. No one dreams about answering a phone or driving some big shot around for a living. They dream about being the big shot that the phone is being answered for and being the big shot who is being driven around while they relax in the back, sipping their Starbucks (also picked up by someone else), while doing business from their smartphone and iPad, closing million dollar deals!

     Before we go any further, let me make this clear.  I grew up in a home where we did not want for anything. I have God to thank for that. Contrary to popular belief, we were not “uber rich” either. For the record, the Million Dollar Man (my dad) was a character on TV, not our real life. I was very blessed however but also, due to good parenting, was raised in a home where we placed more emphasis on how much we gaveNOT how much we made! Do not spend your entire life chasing a dollar! You will never have enough, and one day you will wake up wondering ‘what happened to the time you wish you could get back so you could spend it with your children who just left for college!’  “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?”  – Matthew 16:26 NIV

     That being said, dream BIG!  Dreaming big is not code for “try to become a billionaire”. It is also not code for “become famous”.  That indeed may happen as a result of your hard work and as you begin to see the fruits of your labor for whatever you’re working towards.  However, dreaming big is about pursuing your passion(s).  It’s pushing yourself to do things nobody else thinks you have the capability of doing.  It’s pushing YOURSELF to do things even you don’t think you can accomplish!!  It’s putting your own desires and beliefs in self before the expectations of your surrounding influencers.  Maybe those are your parents, your friends, peers at work and possibly even your better half (or not so better half).  I’m sure their intentions are good, but good intentions can’t buy you a cup of coffee, especially at Starbucks! (No offense Starbucks, keep the espresso shots coming!!)

     There are so many people throughout your lifetime that are going to tell you, even when you haven’t asked them for it, their opinion of who you should be, how you should live and what you should do with your life.  God made you the way that you are for a reason. You have skills and passions that I do not.  Study them!!  Train them!!  Increase them!!  USE them for crying out loud!!

     Dreaming big is taking your passions and skill sets, however big or small, and MAXIMIZING them to their full potential. And guess what?   If you truly dream big, you will never reach your full potential because you will never stop learning, studying and improving! You will also not be miserable when you leave your family to go build an orphanage in India for children without homes. You will not worry if your family is going to eat this month and have enough money to pay for the car insurance because you have paid your dues and put in the necessary time, with the necessary sacrifices, to reap the rewards you worked so hard for. You will wake up proud of the person that stares back at you in the mirror. You will create a legacy and maybe a business that you can pass down through the next generations of your offspring. At your funeral, they will rejoice in your accomplishments and the life you lived. They will not say about you, “He/She always dreamed about….”  No. They will say, “He/She LIVED! They lived life with passion and made their dreams a reality!”

      It is important that we realize the power of a dream becoming a reality. It not only affects us, but it also effects those around us.  In a lot of cases, even those we will never meet! You have the opportunity to change the world if you want to and bring positive change into people’s lives through the ripples of your dream becoming a reality;  OR… you can just settle for mediocre. Your choice. Your life. You’ve only got one!  What ya gonna do, BROTHER?? #DreamBIG

Dream BIG!

Ted DiBiase, Jr.
VP Business Development
One Life America