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I Might Get Fired For This!

If you haven’t had the chance to meet the Founder of One Life America, Ken Parker, please allow me to introduce you. For the next five minutes as you read this blog post I will share with you who he is, through my eyes. Some may ask “I am and independent insurance agent, why do I need to meet the owner?” or “I live 500 miles away from Mississippi, do I really need to know who he is?”. Yes. One Life is a large family, which is so different in our industry. No, it’s not a marketing gimmick, a recruiting strategy or even being braggadocios. It is simply who we are.

Mr. Parker’s bio is well written on our website under the Ownership Team page, highlighting his insurance career that started in 1976. He worked in the debit insurance business for 8 years before opening his own agency, Parker & Associates (now One Life America), in 1984.  Yes, he knows the insurance business backward and forward while being widely recognized as one of greatest agency builders in the final expense business.

However, there is much more to Ken Parker outside of his successful business story. He was born and raised in Noxapater, MS. which has a population of 456 people now. A back injury while working as a roofer had him looking for a career where physical labor was minimum. A classified job ad in the Meridian Star newspaper for insurance route sales caught his attention, and he started his insurance career.

Ken is married to his lovely wife, Teresa, and has two sons Wade & Daniel. Wade is married to his high school sweetheart, Frannie, and they have 6 children. Daniel is a newlywed to his lovely wife Lauren. This is one close family. This is the foundation for the culture at One Life. Unity, love, understanding, honesty and dealing with challenges in our company all stems from Ken and Teresa, and the way that they have raised their family.

Ken has a big heart and has helped many in community that didn’t even know where the help came from. He is full of compassion and integrity. He is a Christian man and has lead his family faithfully. Is he perfect? No. I am not either, and neither are you. Can you believe whatever he says to you? Absolutely! Matter of fact, you can take it to the bank.

Ken’s most impressive characteristic is that he is caring. He genuinely cares for his immediate family and his One Life family. He cares for each agent and their families well-being. All he expects in return is loyalty and honesty.

Please don’t misunderstand this blog. I am not writing about Ken Parker for brownie points, that’s just not me. I am sharing a few facts about a man who is full of humility and would probably not write down his success story. He would surely never brag on his amazing characteristics that cause people to work hard for him, want to be around him and who want him to be proud of them.

If you have never met Ken Parker and you find yourself face-to-face with him, he is a humble as they come. If you already know him, you will agree 100% with this blog. Am I qualified to share these things about him with you? I have known Ken Parker for over 35 years. We were neighbors. My father worked with him for 25 years. I have worked for him for 21 years. I know him and I am proud to call all of the Parker’s my family.

David Hosch
Director of Marketing
One Life America