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What’s your current situation? Are you a student wondering why you’re studying things you have absolutely no interest in, and you’re curious if all this studying is going to be worth it and pay off after you graduate? Maybe you’re a junior or senior in college and you still don’t know what you want to do with your life.  You’ve invested most of your time into a marketing degree only to find out you aren’t passionate about marketing, and now you dread the likely 8 to 5 that lies ahead and you’re not even there yet. Remember that word, “Passionate”? You could be a husband and father of 2 working a very secure job that pays the bills, which is nice to have in today’s fluctuating economy, but is it something you look forward to everyday? Is it a place that you go to where you can at least be stimulated and find happiness and fulfillment while you spend most of your days and weeks here, away from your family and home?

     The likely answer to that last question is, “no”. Most of our culture does, and is doing, what they HAVE to do, not what they WANT to do, or feel CALLED to do! They aren’t chasing a dream. They aren’t pursuing excellence. They aren’t pushing themselves to learn more, do more, become more or live more! They are venturing outside their own boundaries and reaching new heights because they’ve been limited by self-inflicted expectations that culture and society has manifested and rooted inside their mind and easy of thinking. They aren’t working in an environment or industry that they are passionate about. And don’t tell me, “Well, that’s a nice thought, but I’m not qualified to do what I’m passionate about.” … Well…. GET QUALIFIED!!!! 

      I went to school and got a degree in business, but because my dad was the Million Dollar Man (pro Wrestler, google it) and I grew up running around the locker room with Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, I wanted to be a professional wrestler! You might think that because of who my father was, that would make it easy for me… No Sir!! It actually made it more difficult because expectations are higher, the pressure to succeed and “live up to” was greater, and I didn’t come from a wrestling background like everyone thinks. I was not born “qualified” because of who my daddy is. I played soccer and football as a kid, because there lie my passions. The first time I actually stepped in a ring was in March, 2006, the day after I finished my accelerated degree class that sealed up my B.S degree in Business Administration from Mississippi College (Great school!). That’s right, I didn’t stick around to walk, because I wasn’t spending one more day of my life pursuing something that I wasn’t passionate about! I was taking bumps (falling on my back… (On purpose) and doing 200 free squats, 100 pushups,100 sit ups, 100 leg lifts and 100 mountain climbers the very next day! I had MC mail my degree to my mom and dad, whom I gave my word to that I would get that piece of paper. I gave my word. I committed to it. I followed through. It’s mine forever!

      I continued that strenuous regiment 5 days a week for the next 10 months. That was what I was required to do during my training sessions. I like to think that there is always someone out there working harder than me, or at least trying to. Doing only what is required is for the average and mediocre who live their life without passion and fear pushing themselves to pursue those passions will only result in failure. Do you want to live an average or mediocre life? If so, stop reading this now and go watch TV. After every training session that I was required to attend, I would lift weights for at least an hour immediately following my 2 ½ to 3-hour training sessions. Oh yeah, I was also a college graduate with a business degree stocking produce at a HiVee grocery store during the day, after I cut 18 fairways at a golf course from 5-9am (every day of the week) and I worked a late shift at a restaurant after all my training 3 days a week, and folded underwear and t-shirts at the outlet mall on the weekends. I also swept and mopped the gym for the guy who allowed me to work out for free since I had little to no money.

      You want something more? Get it! Make it happen! Lose sleep! Never give up, but if you’re going to give up, give up your free time! Stop watching TV and day dreaming of what you WISH you were doing, and start taking steps and being intentional with your time and efforts toward making it happen! #DreamBIG