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Lost & Found

This post was inspired by my good friend Eric Sipes who wrote a great post “Follow the Path” (if you haven’t read it, please do!)

Years ago, when my kids were smaller, we were going to the mall.  Everybody had their own money and had planned what they were going to buy and what they would have for lunch.  It was going to be a good day.  When we got there, I could see Christian on his knees in the back seat looking frantically for something….

He had lost his wallet.

Understandably, his smile disappeared, his body became heavy, and despite his best effort to hold it in…the big tears began to flow.  It would be easy for a parent to just rush in and replace what was lost, but if I have learned anything, it is to allow life to teach its lesson.

I told Christian,

Re-trace your steps and go back to the last time you had your wallet.  See and feel the last time you touched the money.  The good feeling you had knowing you had earned it and were now going to spend it on something fun and worthwhile”.

Despite my promptings, he could not shake the heaviness.  We all got back in the car to head back home to search for his wallet.  I could see him in the third row and his face was still a mess.

Now, the mood was spreading to the rest of us. 

He needed a change of state to take his mind off his lost wallet.  I put in a Cd of Caribbean Pan music – yes, I said Pan music – steel drums.  It was happy, catchy music and we always had a good time listening to it.  The first song didn’t do it, but by the second song…

He began to sing!

He little face lit up as he sang.  He smiled the kind of smile that let me know he had put the lost wallet in a “better mental place”. 

By the fourth song, he was the loudest of the group and then got quiet for a moment and exclaimed,

“I know where I left it!”

When we pulled into the driveway, he got out by himself and went right to the spot he had just recalled.  As he came back to the truck, wallet proudly in hand, I asked him how he felt. As a child of about 8 or 9 years old, he said something that has stayed with me every time I want to get down on how things are going in my life…he simply said,


Have you lost something?

Your mojo?  Your drive to reach your goals with only two months left in the year?  Your focus?  Maybe you have lost the zest for life and this profession of sales you have chosen?

What have you lost?

Want to find it?  The best way is simply to be…



Be grateful for the gifts you have and determine to use them to their highest capacity.

Be grateful for the opportunities in front of you and be grateful that the experiences

behind (good and bad) that you will help you maximize them.

Be grateful for this profession and the ability to help people and families protect the ones they love and live healthier lives.

Be grateful for life, strength and a sound mind to do what you must do.

 Despite where you may be falling short…be grateful that it ain’t over yet!


I am often reminded of how Christian found his lost wallet.  If you didn’t see the simple steps in his journey to recover what was lost, here they are:

  1. Re-trace your steps to the last time you felt empowered and hopeful about your life.
  2. Let people who love you and those you trust, help you in your search to find the best you.
  3. Change your state and stop focusing on what is missing and focus on what you have left.
  4. The mind – through the spirit, vision and imagination will find it first.
  5. The moment you “come to yourself” (Luke 15:17), immediately begin to do the necessary work with joy and watch the circumstances improve.
  6. Finally, be grateful.

In all things…give thank and you will find that what was once lost…is found.

Until next time, I wish you Money, Power, Success!

Brandon Clay
VP Health Sales
One Life America