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Am I Intentionally Living?

INTENTIONALITY: to make a CHOICE, and make it a PRIORITY.

INTENTIONAL Living: produces GOOD Fruit.

UNINTENTIONAL Living: produces BAD Fruit…. not just Less fruit.

Please take a moment to read, and re-read, these questions, and identify in each question which best describes you today.
1.) What if instead of living “Reactionary” lives, we lived our lives “PROactive”?
2.) What if instead of living “Apprehensively”, we lived in “Anticipation”?
3.) What if instead of mostly “REpairing”, we were mostly “PREparing”.  

The difference between answers in each of these questions lies within “INTENTIONAL Living” & “UNintentional Living”. I know this has been beat over our heads and maybe so much so that it has even become numbing in its effectiveness and importance, much like Christianity has become more about religion & theology than it is about relationship with Creator God… but INTENTIONAL Living is required for lifetime growth. It’s exactly the reason Jesus said, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you.” But we have to be INTENTIONAL to “remain”.

For what it’s worth, I can 100% attest to the fact that in my life experience thus far, the times in my life when I have been the most ”INTENTIONAL” are the times in my life when I have experienced the most success. I will also be the first to admit that I have dropped the ball often in my life, even times in my short tenure here at One Life, by lacking in INTENTIONALITY, and being more “reactionary” as opposed to “proactive”. In my desire to INTENTIONALLY “keep it real” and be transparent, I admittedly often spread myself thin and allow “busyness” to be my justification/excuse for being “UNintentional”… which cause me to begin spending more time “REpairing” as opposed to “PREparing”. (Not fun). Make sense? Can anyone relate? You know what they say about excuses right? They’re like B _ _ t holes, Everybody’s got one and they ALL stink! That’s what my high school football coach told me. 

If you are like me and find yourself occasionally or often living “Unintentionally”, I invite you to practice this with me. Take a moment RIGHT NOW to:

Let’s REFLECT and see what we’re doing currently. Are we content, or do we want to grow & go… Grow INTENTIONALLY and Go farther than we dreamed or imagined?

Let’s REVIEW our current patterns of living and make an HONEST assessment. How are we currently living? (Intentionally/Unintentionally?) This may be, and usually is, the hardest part… being honest with ourselves. No one enjoys admitting weakness, but it is SO important and vital to growth. Even the apostle Paul was QUICK to admit his weakness! He said, “What I want to do, I don’t do, and what I don’t want to do I do.” 

Growth itself should be far more important to you than your production or bank account! Remember, *Money follows mission. Be GROWTH conscious more than you are GOAL conscious. (You’ll make more money 😉 

Now that we’ve reflected and reviewed, let’s RESPOND. What are we going to do about it? If we’re “UNintentionally Living” then we need to 
a.) Have a DESIRE to change
b.) make a CHOICE to change. 

Now that we’ve made our Choice to change, now it’s time to REARRANGE! What do you need to rearrange in your life to become more INTENTIONAL? Is it your schedule? People? Hobbies? Leisure time? Content your reading, watching or listening to? Do what you know needs to be done!!

Great job!!! Now that we have rearranged in our minds what is necessary for us to become more INTENTIONAL and start producing more GOOD fruit, it’s time to implement. It’s time to RECHARGE!!! Make a commitment. Share it with a friend or coworker. Create accountability in your life. Make a choice, and make it a priority!! Get excited about the massive growth you are about to experience because you are going to be INTENTION!!!

Remember, the fruit that you’re producing is the fruit that your employees, your team, and your children will pick up, eat and share with the world. This will be your legacy. Let’s get INTENTIONAL!!

Ted DiBiase, Jr.
Vice President of Business Development
One Life America