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The Real You – Part 3

The Real You

#1 – Fight!

As we move toward discovering/uncovering The Real You, let’s recap our 7-step process:

1.       Raise Your Standards

2.     Fight!

3.       Take Leave of Your Senses

4.       Get Dressed

5.       Find Joy Beneath the Tears

6.       Know That Somebody Needs You

7.       Alter Call

I want to know this morning how do you fight?  No, that is not a challenge but a call to action.  There is a month left in the year and some have called it in – considered it finished and done, but this is no time to let up or lay back.  It is time to fight til the finish!

Me?  I am fighting until the end.  I have three things that govern how I fight…

1.       Defending myself

2.       Packing my Samson-ite

3.       Stop Caring how I look

Defend Yourself

Let me begin by asking you a question;

“Why do you work?”

“Duh, Brandon, I work for money.”

I know, I know, it seems like an obvious answer, but humor me.  At the end of the day, we work not just for money, but the things that money can do, right?

You have likely begun to think of all the things that are pressing in on you that require money – the mortgage, car note, college tuition.  Some of you are doing well, financially, and your thoughts go to goals and dreams and the things you want out of life – achieving debt freedom, supporting your church, spoiling your grandchildren, preparing for retirement or a dream vacation.

Most of us work because we want/need to make money.  If you need more money shout “Mo money, Mo Money…Mo Money”!  For some of you that feels just a little odd to scream out for more money, but get over it…money is not evil, it is not the enemy

The love of money gets you in trouble, but NOT having it gets you into trouble too!  Having money with the right perspective gets you out of and keeps you out trouble.

I was watching the Georgia-Auburn game (apologies to my many Auburn fans!) on Saturday and while I am not a big football fan, I understand that the “best offence is a good defense”.  I love it when the crowd gets fired up to support their team and begins to chant “Defense (clap clap) – Defense (clap clap) – Defense (clap clap)!!! 

Georgia only allowed one score – truly demonstrating that Defense wins games.

So it is with money.  The Bible puts it very simply:

Money is a defense.” –  Ecclesiastes 7:12

Do you want more money? (yes, that’s rhetorical!) …then Defend yourself! 

Defend yourself against complacency.

Defend yourself against call reluctance.

Defend yourself against rejection.

Defend yourself against doubt.

Quit giving up in the 5th round of a 10-round fight…put up your dukes!  If you need a quick cheering on then hear me screaming for you at the top of my lungs, 

“DE-FENSE (clap clap) – DE-FENSE (clap clap) – DE-FENSE (clap clap)”

Pack your Samson-ite

Remember the old commercials where they dropped the Samsonite luggage out the plane and it survived?  Remember how the Gorilla stomped on it and pounded on it but it held up?  Samsonite was tough…indestructible. 

It’s the same with you if you fight!!!  You’re tougher than you think…go ahead and FIGHT!

I am not talking about luggage but Samson from the Bible – He took the jawbone of a donkey (this is a family blog!) and beat down 1,000 Philistines.  Like Teddy said in a recent Monday morning slam “If you have a chainsaw you are lucky.  But if you have an axe, get to swinging!”

Just like an axe, Samson’s tools weren’t sophisticated, but in the hands of Gods man/woman, they will always be more than enough.  Samson took that Jawbone and hit one Philistine and threw them behind him…he hit another…and threw them behind him…and he continued to fight in this manner.

That is the way you will overcome the challenges in your life and reach your goals – hit them one at a time and throw them behind you.  In no time, there will be more behind you than in front of you.

In a word…FIGHT!

Stop Caring How You Look

When you fight, you can’t care how you look doing it. 

I am getting older.  I’m 52 (and 53 is right around the corner – Hallelujah – beats the alternative!).  I will admit to you there was a time when I cared how I looked and what you thought.  Today, I see caring differently than I did when I was 22.  I don’t worry about looking pretty, I just fight!

Look at this picture.  For a big part of my life, hair defined who I was.  Then father time started messing with my follicles.  I looked less like a young Michael Jackson and more like Sherman Hemsley from The Jefferson’s (you know, “Hey Weezy!”). 

So I made a decision – I shaved it all off.

When I run, I must wear a special sock for Plantar Fasciitis and a neoprene knee brace.  I don’t worry how I look, I am too busy fighting…one mile at a time! 

I might look crazy to you…I don’t care.

If you ain’t willing to sweat for your thang –

Put down the Gatorade!

If you are not giving it your all, don’t be mad with me –

Put down that Haterade!

Yes, I am on a roll and I hear Matthew Wilder from the 80’s,

“Aint nothin gonna break-a my stride,

nobodys gonna slow me down, oh no

I got to keep on moving”

What is it that you most want out of life?  Or more directly stated, what are you willing to demand of your life? 

It will require that you fight and keep on moving.

Take heart and never fear, The Real You can take’em!

Brandon Clay
Vice President of Health Sales
One Life America